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"I can't believe this in Neal's first book. Incredibly well written, this is an important work. I see literary accolades and a long running series."

Victor Villasenor, National bestselling author of
Rain of Gold, Three time Pulitzer Prize nominee,
and author of Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy
"Victoria Woodhull is one of the most fascinating but forgotten characters in American history. She deserves to be better known by anyone who cares about gender equality and the ongoing fight to make America a more tolerant and just country—kudos to Neal Katz for bringing her story to life for a new generation of readers."

Debby Applegate, Pulitzer Prize winning author of
The Most Famous Man in AmericaThe Biography of Henry Ward Beecher
"The book captures your heart and soul from the very first pages. What's truly remarkable is that you are given a glimpse of history in the making from a very intimate point of view. "

Betse Bernstein, Holistic Health Practitioner
"I am impressed with the personality profiles. You clearly grasp the long term, psychological impact of the fugue coping mechanism, or taking flight, the identity disappearing, or creating an alternate, safer reality in response to trauma. Well done."

Mojgan Jahan, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist
"Oh my! OUTRAGEOUS is so realistic and vivid that I feel I am in the scenes. I can easily visualize the movie or cable series. Brilliant."

Jennifer Simms, Producer and Writer
Secret of the Lost Scroll, the movie
"The story is visceral as it explains the plight of women still today. I have one question: Where is the next volume? I'm thirsty!"

Rosemary Bruus,
Speaker, Entrepreneur, Investor

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