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The Four Waves of Feminism

For centuries, women have been changing our culture as active feminists – some in small private ways, and some in spectacularly public ways – but all extraordinarily powerful. According to mainstream media, there are four waves of feminism, the first taking place in...

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A Personal Note from Neal Katz

It’s great to arrive in San Diego to co-host a Dual Book Launch with the most honored living Latin American author, Victor Villaseñor, as we release our newest books, both celebrating Women’s Empowerment. My debut novel, OUTRAGEOUS: Rise to Riches garnered twelve...

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On May 10th, 1872 Victoria Woodhull was Nominated

To celebrate the anniversary of the first woman to be nominated for U.S. President, we offer this excerpt from SCANDALOUS: Fame, Infamy, and Paradise Lost, Volume Two, The Victoria Woodhull Saga by Neal Katz. (The narrative is first person as Victoria Woodhull). On...

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Solidarity in Publishing and the First #MeToo SOLIDARITY is the hyper fuel of social media and cultural change.  Here are two historical incidents that demonstrate attempts to inform, incite, and change the narrative on the new women’s equality movement. In 1972 one...

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#MeToo Started in 1872

Before the social support for today’s #MeToo movement, two women courageously denounced and accused two public figures, and exposed the rampant sexual misconduct of "the most famous man in America," the Reverend Henry Ward Beecher, and others—in 1872. It was unheard...

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Congratulations to Brie Larson

It's About Time Victoria Woodhull Gets Her Due   Congratulations to Brie Larson, Amazon Studios, and the whole team for announcing the production that will highlight the life and times of Victoria Woodhull. Within a few years, I expect to see movies for...

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GET THE “F” OUT OF THE MARKET! It’s Happening Again

Perfect! The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit an all time high on Friday, July 22, 2016. Get the "F" out of the market. Winter is coming. The Panic - Run on the Fourth National Bank, No. 20 Nassau Street. Illus. in: Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1873 Oct. 4,...

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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." – George Santayana Political cartoon by J. Keppler showing Uncle Sam encouraging former VP Colfax to commit Hari-Kari for his involvement with the Credit Mobilier scandal, 1873. These are the platform...

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Modern Feminism: Excuse Me! Equal Does Mean Equal.

Happy International Women's Day, Week, Month! Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day across the globe and the commencement of the first HeForShe Arts week in New York City (links below), all part of Women History Month. Happy celebrations. Honor your HERstory....

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Stand Up! Declare: “I Am a Male Feminist”

In a time of populous politics, when iconic men from President Carter and President Obama to Prime Minister Cameron support feminism, and celebrities like Johnny Legend, Patrick Stewart, Joseph Gordon-Lovett, Mark Ruffalo, and Aziz Ansari, (plus so many others) don...

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Suffragette Movie Review

Suffragette could have been much better. The compelling emotional drama uses history as scenery. The newly released movie, Suffragette, is sure to ignite some controversies. It already has when many groups disliked the public display by the key actresses when they...

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Which American Woman did the British Suffragettes Follow?

Hint: 1st Female Candidate for U.S. President  When “Suffragette,” the movie, is released, few will know on which American woman the mother and daughter Pankhursts based the British Suffragette movement. The same woman in 1872 became the first female to run for...

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1st Woman to Run for President of the United States

Happy Birthday Victoria Woodhull! Know your HERstory! Happy Birthday, Vickie!  This week we celebrate and honor Victoria Woodhull, born September 23, 1838, who ran for President in 1872. This amazing woman along with her sister Tennessee Celeste Claflin operated the...

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Belva Ann Lockwood (1830–1917)

Know Your HERstory! Second woman to formally run for President.* The first woman to argue a case before the Supreme Court.  " I do not believe in sex distinction in literature, law, politics, or trade — or that modesty and virtue are more becoming to women than to...

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When is an 1800s American Suffragist a Suffragette? When she runs for President. In my novels, I portray the early woman suffrage movement and the charismatic leaders, Victoria Woodhull and her sister, Tennessee Celeste Claflin. I thought it might be helpful to...

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